Who says a golf vacation cant be competitive


There are tournaments you can play in where no one will be bickering about 'grandfather clauses' and 'groove rules.'

For some golfers, a golf vacation with buddies isn't enough, you want to go up against a full field.

I've noticed in recent years a surge in golf events worth traveling for, from Las Vegas' high stakes events to the Playboy Golf Scramble, which hosts tournaments coast-to-coast, including this weekend in Miami.

The Golf Channel Am Tour is also a relatively new way to compete at top golf courses across America, with events all year in some great golf destinations like Scottsdale, San Antonio and Palm Springs.

If you're not much of a player but somehow produced sharp-shooting offspring, the family-friendly Pinehurst Resort is hosting a Parent-Child Tournament end of June.

If you want to compete abroad, many of the top golf clubs in the United Kingdom host 'Open' competitions where anyone with a valid handicap can enter. Start looking now, because the popular ones sell out fast.

If you belong to a club, the best way to compete is to get a group of 8-12 members and call around to clubs in the United Kingdom. Over there, they love hosting 'Ryder Cup' competitions versus North Americans clubs on their home links. Many clubs in Europe, even in Spain or Sweden will be especially chomping at the bit to host a match during the Ryder Cup year.

Every golfer I've met raves about the experience and say that the post-tournament reception is always worth the trip alone, just don't go Scott McCarron and accuse anyone from the home club of being a cheater.