Winners and losers in Scotland


MACHRIHANISH, Scotland - After 36 holes around this little slice of heaven, here are my top-5 winners and top-5 losers for the day.
1. Dunaverty's third tee box, with a trailer park on the left and the most scenic view you'll ever find on a golf course to the right. Donald Trump would give up his Tower for this piece of property.
2. Billy The Shuttle Driver. Our man Billy took us from our cottage out to Machrihanish Dunes this morning and was an absolute delight. He brought a historical perspective of the area with great humor. He also looked like John Madden.
3. The Scottish people. Haven't met a person yet who hasn't been thrilled to have us here.
4. Fish and chips for dinner at Machrihanish clubhouse. The best meal we've had since we've been here. (See loser item No. 3)
5. Rex and me. We get another 18 holes around Machrihanish Dunes in the morning.

1. Me, as in loser of many golf balls.
2. One-lane roads masquerading as two-lane roads.
3. The ham-and-cheese sandwich between rounds. Kintye cheese should be avoided at all costs.
4. Me, for leaving my trusty 3-wood on the 12th tee box at Dunaverty. I was on the 13th when I realized it and ran back across the most elevated hole on the course to retrieve it. Once I did, Hoggard informed me that if it were him, he'd have left if there.
5. Peter The Caddie for drawing the short straw and getting stuck with us at Machrihanish Dunes. Poor guy.