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Goggin burns United after airline breaks his clubs

Getty Images

Leave it to Australian pro Matt Goggin to add some fuel to the dumpster fire that has been United Airlines' recent public relations.

After kicking some girls off a flight over their choice to wear leggings, then forcibly removing and bloodying a passenger who wouldn't give up his seat in an infamous viral video, and throwing another couple off a plane who were trying to get to their own wedding, it hasn't been a banner year for the airline.

And now comes this egregious error when it comes to handling a passenger's golf clubs.

Goggin, the 42-year-old who has nine professional wins, including five on the Tour, went to pick up his clubs after a recent flight only to find his driver and two other woods snapped at the neck.

Of course, the irony wasn't lost on Goggin, who made sure to hit United with a subtle burn of his own.