Z. Johnson watched 'sports that should be in Olympics,' not golf


Olympic golf appeared to be a success in the sport’s return to the Games following a 112-year absence.

Not that two-time major winner Zach Johnson was watching.

“Oh, I didn’t watch golf,” Johnson told the New York Post. “I’d rather watch the sports that should be in the Olympics. I’d rather watch the athletes who train for four years for that one week. I’d rather watch swimming and diving, track and field – the athletes that are relevant for one week. All of our [golf] athletes are relevant 24-7, 365. I just don’t see the need for golf to be in the Olympics. Same thing with basketball. It’s relevant all the time. LeBron James, Kevin Durant? They’re relevant all the time.”

Johnson said that if golf is to be included, which it is slated for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, then it should be for amateurs and played in a team format. His biggest complaint, however, was that this year’s Games altered the professional major schedule.

“[T]he fact that it put a kink in our schedule this year irritates me,” he said. “To mess with the four tournaments that matter most because you’re at the Olympics, I’ve got a strong, strong disdain for that.”