Golf Boys who? Bohemian Rhapsody golf parody


What do you get when eight grown men go to Australia every year for an annual buddies golf trip? A Bohemian Rhapsody golfing parody tribute, of course.

A man named Nigel Tait posted this video (below) to his YouTube channel last month, explaining that the "video is the culmination of 10 years parody song writing for our annual golf trip to the Murray river courses in Australia." 

He further details that "Parody songs became an annual feature of the trip. ... One year we decided to produce a six song album dedicated to the legendary Queen, titled "A day on the Greens". The only criticism of the album was its failure to include Bohemian Rhapsody. I took it on as a challenge." 

Going to go out on a limb here and say that If Tait put as much effort into his golf game as he did into this video, he'd be Jack's closest challenger for 18 majors.