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He Said/She Said: Who should go nude next?

ESPN Body Image
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Suzann Pettersen is the most recent LPGA member to join the 'Body Issue' sorority. The issue is due to hit newsstands July 13. So the Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey got to thinking about who they'd like to see in next year's ESPN The Magazine 'Body Issue.'


Hats off (and everything else I guess) to Pettersen for taking the opportunity to pose for the 'Body Issue.' She certainly has a body that dispels the myth that golfers aren't athletes (well OK, some of them).

As far as who I would like to see in the next year's issue? Let me take this time to slowly think about it ... Paula Creamer ... Anna Rawson ... Natalie Gulbis ... Azahara Munoz.

Hmmmm, fun question. Tough question. As tough as trying to hit a 2-iron.

But in the end, here's hoping the next issue features ... Paula Creamer!!!


I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. So I’m just going to come out and say it.

An opportunity to see one male golfer pose nude in ESPN The Magazine's 'Body Issue'? Come on. Too easy.

If I had my pick, it would be Tiger Woods.

The fittest man in golf, check. Not too shabby on the eyes, check. One of the greatest of all time, check.

For all those reasons and many more (you fill in the blanks), I’m petitioning for Tiger to be in next year’s “Body Issue.”

Come on Tiger, just do it.