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Graham offers thoughts on Pressel ruling

Morgan Pressel
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Kendra Graham wouldn't say if she agreed with the controversial slow-play penalty that was handed to Morgan Pressel Sunday during her semifinal match of the Sybase Match Play Championship, but she did acknowledge that such rulings are subjective.

Graham, a rules specialist for Golf Channel and former rules official with the U.S. Golf Association, stopped by 'Morning Drive' Monday to shed light on the decision.

'They were aware that they needed to catch up but they weren't making up that time,' Graham said of Pressel and Azahara Munoz. 'Once a group is out of position and out of clock, it's like all bets are off. You have to play a different way and you have to play quickly.

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Discussion: Penalty fair or unreasonable?

'The LPGA has a policy where you're penalized at the end of the hole. The kicker is it's match play and the penalty in match play is loss of hole. It feels like a two-hole swing and that's one of the reasons why it's getting so much play. If it had been a stroke play event (two stroke penalty on the LPGA, one-stroke on the PGA Tour) it wouldn't have had the same sort of impact it had in a semifinal match in a crucial point of the match.

'Timing a player as a rules official is subjective. You have your routine, but all the officials on the LPGA Tour more than likely have the same routine. It's the only way to administer this policy fairly. It's subjective because it's humans doing it.'