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Quotes of the Week

Adam Scott
Getty Images

“Come on, Aussie. Yeah, that’s right, I did. It was maybe a natural reaction. That’s from back in my cricket days, probably. I don’t know if Steve (Williams, who is from New Zealand) appreciated me yelling that straight toward him but whatever. Maybe the one time he doesn’t mind.” – Australian Adam Scott, on what he said after draining a 20-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole at the Masters.

“To caddie for a friend for his first major is pretty special. To have the opportunity to caddie for the first Australian to win the Masters; I’m just so fortunate. I don’t have words.” – Steve Williams, Scott’s caddie, to, on Scott. 

“I think he’ll go on to win more major championships than any other Australian golfer. He’ll catapult himself now. Adam can go on to win more major championships because of his age and because of his experience and because he’s finally got one under his belt.” – Greg Norman, on Scott.

“I should think he will be seen as the best player in the world eventually. He will surpass Woods and McIlroy. But it might even happen sooner than that.” – Peter Thomson, to the Sydney Morning Herald, on Scott.

“If you’re not going to win, you’ve got to get in the record books somehow. So I’m a guy that got a double-digit score on a par 3.” – Bubba Watson, on his 10 in the final round of the Masters on the par-3 12th hole.

“Things like this unfortunately happen in the world, and you feel the pain. When it happens in America, it hits home more. But when it happens in your community, you can’t help but feel it way more. I live two blocks from where the bombs went off. That’s where I went to hang out. So when I see Boylston Street all over the news, covered in yellow crime scene tape, it just really hits home.” – James Driscoll, to, who grew up just outside of Boston.

“I absolutely believe he will. I’ve learned in my career – and I’ve played through his prime the whole time, which has been hard because he was so dominant – but I never doubt what he’s capable of on a golf course. He’s just proven us all wrong so many times if you doubt him, and he’ll find a way to do it, for sure. I believe that.” – Scott, again, to “CBS This Morning,” on whether he thinks Woods will break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships.

“From what I can gather, he took an illegal drop, signed a scorecard and left the course. Under most circumstances, that would result in disqualification. … If the Rules of Golf are upheld, I believe he should have been disqualified.” – Williams, again, on Woods’ illegal drop on the 15th hole in the third round of the Masters.

“We’ve got the quality, not the quantity. And there is no reason why guys like Day and Leishman can’t go on to win majors. I think both of these players will become prominent from now on.” – Thomson, again, to the Sydney Morning Herald, on fellow Australians Jason Day and Marc Leishman.

“I don’t know if I’ll get to 18. But I’d love to get another one sometime.” – Scott, again, to “CBS This Morning,” on his own major championship ambitions.

“Our game is about integrity, about following the rules. ... There's no reason to cheat, and if I have to cheat to win, I don't want to win.” – Champions Tour first-round leader Michael Allen, who penalized himself two strokes for moving pine cones that he initially did not realize were embedded.

“It only happens in the game of golf. That's what sets us apart. In no other sport will you hear the player say, ‘Oh, I kicked the other guy. Give me the yellow card.’” – Champions Tour player Bernhard Langer.