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Quotes of the Week

Tiger Woods
Getty Images

“Well, it’s very simple. We’re very happy where we’re at, but also we wanted to limit the stalkarazzi and all those sleazy websites that are out there following us. I've had situations where it’s been very dangerous for my kids and the extent they’ll go. We basically devalued the first photos.”Tiger Woods, on releasing photos of him and new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

“I love him as a person. He made a mistake. I forgave him, and he's living through that. So, no, I see nothing wrong with me buying his house, and the people that are making the jokes, they're dumb. They mess up too.”Bubba Watson, on people making jokes about the fire hydrants in his new neighborhood after buying Woods’ house in Isleworth, Fla.

“I've lost tournaments before, and I've been through some tough defeats over the years, but nothing like that because I knew my dad would never live to see another major championship. At the time, going into that final round and on the back nine … I pressed and I tried to make putts that instead of just allowing it to happen, I tried to force it.” – Woods, again, on the 2006 Masters, the major championship that he said hurt the most to lose. His dad, Earl Woods, passed away three weeks later.

“It’s fun to hang out with the King. He’s such a cool character, great personality. I’d like to take the opportunity to hang out and have a couple adult beverages with him.”Graeme McDowell, on Arnold Palmer.

“I give him a chance to do the record. He’ll have to really work hard to keep himself up and keep his mental attitude if he’s going to do it.” – Palmer, on Woods’ chances of breaking Jack Nicklaus’ all-time record of 18 major championships.

“Frankly, I thought he was going to play. For some reason, I got it in my mind that he would be playing, but that, obviously, is wrong. What his reason or reasoning is, I don’t know, and I’m not going to worry about it.” – Palmer, again, on Rory McIroy once again skipping his tournament, the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

“It’s all about the majors for Tiger. For any player, victory in any of the four means matching a good ball-striking week with a good putting week. In the past, the ball-striking part was a given for Tiger. And it looks like he is approaching that level again.” – Hank Haney, on former pupil Woods, according to a report in the Scotsman.

“Been on the periphery and played myself into the mix. It just hasn’t happened. Hopefully this year, it will be a different story, and I'll put myself there and hopefully have Bubba (Watson) put the jacket on.” – Woods, again, on not having won the Masters since 2005.

“I think right now looking at him and watching him play, as I have recently, he looks probably as strong and as good from a golf perspective as I’ve ever seen him. I think his swing and his posture and his attitude is far better than it’s been in some time.” – Palmer, again, on Woods.

“I have Indiana going all the way. At least I hope they will, so I can make some cash.” – Woods, again, on his pick to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.