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Golf is a Game of Rhythm

How would you describe the rhythm of your golf swing? Are you balanced throughout or is it too fast or too slow? Does your rhythm change depending on the situation causing a lack of proper timing and precision?
The golf swing is essentially rhythm and timing. It comes down to creating the best rhythm that works for you! While many golfers continue to focus on sound technique and mechanics, it is rhythm that eventually allows you to produce a consistent golf swing. Great mechanics with poor rhythm produces less than ideal results. When your rhythm is out of synch it affects your mechanics. Its usually not the other way around.
I know players who have beautiful mechanics and technique but their rhythm continues to be off and when it is; their mechanics seem to fall apart. Their immediate response is, I better work on my swing more and they dash off to the driving range to hit ball after ball. Rather than pound more balls at the range, Ive asked golfers to STOP for a moment and consider focusing on rhythm first.
Rhythm is off for a reason and the reason is usually triggered internally first. I ask them to take 20 balls out of the bucket and do nothing but focus on finding and duplicating the rhythm THAT WORKS BEST FOR THEM. What normally happens is: when the golfer focuses on rhythm things begin to fall back into place. When the mind slows down, awareness of physical muscle tension is high and breathing returns to an even keel. When the focus is on rhythm, all thoughts of results and outcomes melt away. Rhythm is controllable! You can focus on it anytime you choose. Rhythm is a very personal thing and whats right for Tiger is not necessarily right for you.
Poor rhythm results from improper mental focus, disruptive emotions and has little or nothing to do with mechanics. When the mind and emotions are out of synch, so is the body and therefore the mechanics start to fall apart as well. It all starts from within. Internal imbalances translate into golf swings that are too fast or too slow and will affect power as well. Power results from rhythm and fluidity in the golf swing. When these are lacking, so is power.
Think back to a time when you really wanted to crush a shot. What happened? What usually happens is the ball doesnt go where you want it to and there is less power, not more! Why? Rhythm was lost and resulted in trying too hard, becoming too tense and anxious. The mind and emotions triggered the lack of rhythm which triggered the poor outcome. Golf is all about rhythm.
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