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After Further Review: Here's how to curb distance

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On the benefits of shorter, tighter PGA Tour layouts ...

Although some of the uproar has settled, the year’s most heated topic remains relevant. If distance gains are still a concern, this week’s PGA Tour stop at Harbour Town Golf Links is a timely example that dialing back the golf ball may not be the answer.

The scoring average at the RBC Heritage was 70.84, which ranks as the 11th- toughest on Tour out of 29 events this season, and yet Harbour Town stretches just 7,099 yards, the 10th-shortest layout.

“I think the architects in today's game should come here and understand what this course is and why it's still challenging,” Billy Horschel said. “ Too much nowadays we're playing big, wide-open courses that really aren't great designed golf courses.”

Perhaps it’s not slower golf balls or smaller club heads that the game needs - maybe it’s better-designed courses. - Rex Hoggard

On Brooke Henderson's star power ...

There’s something so endearing about the way Brooke Henderson plays golf.

Maybe it’s because she has her older sister, Brittany, on the bag. Or perhaps it’s because she uses a 48-inch driver, drawing every little bit of distance out of her 5-foot-4 frame. She swings freely and aggressively, aims at flags even when she’s nursing a narrow lead and rolls in enough putts to contend in all of the big events.

The 20-year-old Canadian smashes every conceivable stereotype about the LPGA – in no ways a dink-and-dunker who relies on a hot putter. There’s no one in the women’s game I’d rather watch play. – Ryan Lavner