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Caddie's ride gets E. Molinari DQ'd

Getty Images

The classic caddie job description - "Show up, keep up, shut up" - seems pretty cut and dried. But to judge from an incident involving a caddie for Edoardo Molinari on Friday, further explanation may be needed.

As in, "If you can't keep up, do not try to catch up by taking a ride in a golf cart - especially without giving your player a heads up."

According to a tweet by Molinari, the Italian golfer was disqualified from the European Tour's Shenzhen International in China on Friday because he failed to call a penalty on himself after his caddie hopped on a cart between the ninth and 10th holes. It should have been a two-stroke penalty, turning his 75 into a 77. But because he signed for a 75, he was DQd.

Here's how things played out, in Molinari's own Twitter words.