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Garcia reveals Champions Dinner menu

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Updated at 11:58 a.m. ET

One of the Masters Tournament's greatest traditions is Tuesday night's Champions Dinner. And one of the intriguing early-week items is what the defending champion will serve.

Sergio Garcia revealed his menu Tuesday morning and, as expected, there was Spanish flavor for the main course.

"It's going to be three of my favorite dishes. So I'm a big fan of Caesar salad. So we're making it a little bit different, a little special. We want to pay a little tribute to all the winners and all the countries that have won the Masters, so we want to add to that salad. We want to add at least one or two ingredients from every country that has won the Masters, so it's going to be a little more special and it's our way of saying thanks to all the winners," Garcia said.

"Then as a main course we’re going to have a beautiful – one of my favorite dishes in Spain ... arroz caldoso de bogavante. It's going to be a rice dish, not a paella, but it's going to be a lobster rice dish. It's kind of like a soup kind of meal. Very delicious, very tasty. So I hope that everyone enjoys it. I definitely will.

"And then as dessert we're going to have my favorite dessert, which Angela usually makes it for me, and she does amazing, it's tres leches cake. So we're going to have that for dessert. And then a couple of nice Spanish wines."

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