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Moses Eliminated in Premiere Episode of Big Break Disney Golf

Ed Moses is the first to admit he is addicted to competition. The seduction of victory is fueled by adrenaline, the stimulus of choice by individuals wired to live on the competitive edge and needing to feel that they may have something to lose.


Without competition, he is a world class athlete in withdrawal, which is precisely what he is following the premiere episode of Big Break Disney Golf. Moses lost not only an elimination challenge, but something far greater – the right to continue in the competition when he became the first contestant eliminated from the series.   


Competing against Kevin Erdman and Mike Perez in a two-hole stroke-play match on the 10th and 11th holes at the Magnolia Course at Walt Disney World Resort, Moses’ par failed to match his competitor’s birdies on No. 10. He was looking at double bogey on the next hole when Erdman and Perez ended the competition by making par. Each of the trio failed to gain immunity in two previous challenges leading to the final contest.


“It was a tough day for me,” said Moses. “But coming out here and feeling the competitive sensations that the Big Break put me in will pay off astronomically in my game.” While elimination was a disappointment to Moses, others expected his minimal competitive experience to hinder his success. After reaching the pinnacle as a swimmer, winning both gold (4 x 100 medley relay team) and silver (100 meter breaststroke) medals in the 2000 Summer Olympics, he is still in the deep end of the golf pool while learning the skills needed to become a PGA TOUR caliber player.


In addition to pursuing golf, Moses operates a production company that prevents him from playing in as many tournaments as he needs to keep his game sharp. The inexperience was exposed against the most talented field in Big Break history.


“The crazy thing about golf is it is an all or nothing thing for me,” he explained. “I have to balance my competitive drive that challenges me in everything I do versus getting specific in a career. That is a challenge for me. I want to do so many things and want to be the best at all of them.”

Unfortunately, Big Break Disney Golf will not be one of them.   


The second episode of Big Break Disney Golf will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.