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Seinfeld turns 25: Show's classic golf moments

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Grill Room: It's a blog about nothing.

Well, alright, that's not true. We are pretty into golf. We were just channeling George Costanza's pitch to NBC.

As Twitter and TBS has likely already made you painfully aware, this week marks the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld's original debut on July 5, 1989. In honor of what we're considering America's second national holiday in as many days, we've pulled together a few of our favorite golf-related clips from the show.

There was the episode George pretended to be a marine biologist and Kramer began hitting golf balls into the ocean. ... Is that a Titleist?

There was the looper who cost Kramer and his lawyer, the Johnnie Cochran-inspired Jackie Chiles, a major amount of money thanks to a poor read in the court room. Meet Stan the Caddie:

And, finally, Jerry solves the JFK assasination the Keith Hernandez loogie incident with the help of – what  else – a golf club?

One last bit of advice, if you find yourself yelling "SERENITY NOW!" on the course, a la Frank Costanza, just remember where it got Lloyd Braun.