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RV mates: Day and Bubba, the messy burrito eater

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SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. – Sometimes you can’t avoid a nosy neighbor, even among the secluded confines of the RV parking lot at a PGA Tour event.

While most players move from one hotel to the next throughout the Tour season, a growing number are racking up highway miles in recreational vehicles with family in tow. Chief among that latter group is Jason Day, who has been parking his self-described “bus” next to tournament venues since 2010.

Before the pressure ramps up at the U.S. Open, Day offered a moment of levity when describing a recent encounter he had with Bubba Watson, who only recently began staying in an RV of his own while on the road at tournaments.

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“I think we’re at Augusta, and he walks onto my bus. And he’s like, ‘Hey, man, what are you doing?’” Day said. “I’m just sitting in the bus watching TV. And I’m like, ‘Do you want to come inside?’ And he’s eating a burrito, and he decides to come in and talk to me for about 30 minutes. He gets his burrito all over the ground, and then just leaves.”

Day noted that the two men share polar opposite personalities – Day is private and reserved, while Watson is gregarious and “a little bit more outgoing.” But despite the spilled Mexican food snafu, Day maintains a lighthearted attitude about his new neighbor who won’t be too far away this week at Shinnecock Hills.

“Actually, it’s nice to have people like that around,” he said. “You know, to mess your bus up when you need them to.”