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Rory McIlroy thinks greens books should be 'outlawed' for 'the greater good of the game'

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SAN DIEGO – The PGA Tour appears to be taking a closer look at green-reading books, and if Rory McIlroy’s opinion on the issue is any indication, the books might soon be a thing of the past.

“I'd like to get rid of them,” said McIlroy, who also noted that he uses the green-reading books. “I think everyone is in the same boat, most guys on Tour are in the same boat, that if it's going to be available to us and it helps us, people are going to use it, but I think for the greater good of the game, I'd like to see them be outlawed.”

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McIlroy explained that green reading is a skill and that allowing the books has mitigated that skill.

“Honestly, I think it's made everyone lazier. People don't put in the time to prepare the way they used to,” he said. “That's why you see so many more players at Augusta, for example, take their time around the greens, hit so many more putts, it's because they have to. It's because there is no greens book at Augusta.”

McIlroy supports banning green-reading books

McIlroy supports banning green-reading books

In an effort to speed up play, the Tour has taken a closer look at ways that players can trim time off of rounds. Both officials and players consider green-reading books an obvious option.