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Adam Scott joining Player Advisory Council; Paul Azinger has quite the take

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After more than two decades on the PGA Tour, Adam Scott has decided to join the Tour’s Player Advisory Council this year.

The 42-year-old Aussie, in speaking to reporters at this week’s Sony Open in Hawaii, called it a “critical” time of change in professional golf, and he fancies himself as one of 16 players on the committee capable of influencing the “big decisions” that will “map out the next decade and beyond” for the Tour.

“I'm more interested in what the Tour is planning on doing with the Tour than how we're fighting a lawsuit [against LIV Golf]; I couldn’t care less about that to be honest,” Scott said. “I'm more interested in what the future of the Tour looks like. I convinced myself that it was worth diving into that to see what's going on.”

During Sunday’s final-round broadcast at Waialae Country Club, NBC’s Dan Hicks brought up Scott’s new responsibility before turning the topic over to Paul Azinger in the booth.

“I was on that PAC for 13 years,” Azinger began. “I thought it was a colossal waste of time. But you think you’re achieving things, but…”

Hicks interrupted, “Really?”

“Ah, you know,” Azinger replied.

Hicks: “Well, you’re sitting in that chair to be honest.”

Azinger: “It might be different nowadays.”

Hicks: “Geez.”

Clearly, Scott didn’t rely on Azinger for input before joining the PAC. He’s ready for the added pressure.