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Aveo tailors to big and tall golf market

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Finally, someone is looking out for the big and tall golfer. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and new clothing company Aveo has realized this, and is on a mission “to help big and tall golfers look and feel confident.”

According to a National Golf Foundation study, 46 percent of the golf population is overweight while 27 percent of the golfing population is obese. In addition, 15 to 20 percent of men are at least 6 feet tall. That is a lot of golfers looking for something comfortable and fashionable to wear. Well they can stop looking, Aveo has what they need.


Currently specializing in both trousers and shorts, the secret to Aveo’s style is a hidden comfort flex waistband providing 2 inches of stretch, fuller thighs along with a slightly widened calf/ankle area and less taper promoting a more aesthetically pleasing look. The quick-dry, high-stretch polyester material used in their products gives golfers a great level of mobility and comfort.

Aveo is quickly expanding but currently offers the trousers and shorts in khaki, black and blue and in waist sizes 38, 40, 42 and 44 with an inseam of 32 or 34. Double rear belt loops are also featured for extra stability. The cost for the trousers is $74, while the shorts retail for $69.

For orders or more information please contact Aveo at or (704) 293-8298. A website is under construction and coming soon.