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Best of: Mickelson's social-media posts in 2019

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Phil Mickelson has graced us with many memorable (and straight-up hilarious) Twitter moments in 2019, so let's take a look back at his best tweets of the year. 

Back when it all began…

Phil joined Twitter on August 22, 2018 by tweeting this awesome gif of himself winking at the Presidents Cup. This is the moment we knew we were in for some premium content. 

Shorts? On. Calves? Out.

This tweet was the first of Phil's famous calf series. When the PGA Tour began allowing pros to wear shorts during practice rounds is when we really got to see all that Phil’s lower legs had to offer us. 

‘Point the toe, pull the toe...’

About a month later, Phil began his “Phil Kwon Do Calves” series on Twitter. He gave his followers step-by-step instruction on how to get “Calves like Adonis.”



‘Hitting bombs’ at the Masters

Before Saturday’s round of this year’s Masters, Phil made a hilarious video saying he was going to be “hitting bombs” all over Augusta as he was driving up Magnolia Lane. Bask in its glory. 

Thumbs up!

We all know Phil is famous for his thumbs-up to the crowd after a good shot or putt, but at the PGA Championship this year he aimed to break a record. 

Ice, ice, baby

Record: Shattered.

‘Phireside with Phil’ introduced

Phil’s “Phireside Chats” are introduced with a story from the Memorial Tournament where “someone took a dump in the cup!”

‘Hard reset,’ loses 15 pounds in six days

Phil sports a slim figure and admits to a time of struggle on and off the golf course. He also outlines a “hard reset” he did where he said he lost 15 pounds in 6 days.  

‘Intellectualis est’… Wait, what?

No explanation here. We don’t get it either.

Phit Phil by the pool 

Phil continues to sport his slim figure by drinking a thousand-dollar bottle of wine (straight from the bottle) shirtless by the pool. 

Calves in action…

We will never forget his calves, but he made sure of it by posting this slow-motion video of himself running on the beach with dumbbells in his hands. Flex on, and thanks for the memories.