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The Brandel Chamblee Podcast with Jaime Diaz, Ep. 6: The decade in majors

Tiger Woods
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“I think he is going to do things we've never seen before." - James Adducci, the man who won $1.19 million off of a $85,000 bet after Tiger Woods won the Masters, said when he placed a $100,000 wager on Woods to win this year’s Grand Slam at 100-1 odds, which would pay out $10 million.

Forty up, 40 down. All of the majors have been contested this decade and Brandel Chamblee and Jaime Diaz discuss how they will be remembered, in this latest edition of their podcast.

Chamblee also provides insight to recently qualifying for and competing in The Senior Open, and what it was like hitting balls next to the greatest links player in modern history, Tom Watson.

Listen to the full podcast here: