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Brooks Koepka hits lefty bombs, talks smack to Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas

Getty Images

A day after Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas transformed into left-handed hacks during a match at the Grove XXIII, Brooks Koepka flexed his lefty muscles.

Koepka's coach, Claude Harmon III, posted a pair of videos that showed Koepka hitting 8-iron nearly 200 yards and driver almost 300 yards, clearly showing he's got more opposite-handed skill than either Fowler or Thomas.

"Come get some!" Koepka said after carrying his 8-iron 194 yards.

After his driver went 293 yards, Koepka shouted, "Boom, son!" He then flexed for the 'gram.

It will be interesting to see if Fowler or Thomas get on their TrackMans and show us their numbers, or if any other players accept Koepka's challenge.