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Cobra Amp Cell driver offers colors, adjustability

Cobra Amp Cell
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The future of Cobra Golf is … well, bright. While it may break from the traditional mold, it's hard to deny the style Cobra is bringing to the game, and they’ve proven it with the release of their new Amp Cell driver

Featuring the widest range of colors around, the Amp Cell driver comes standard in orange, red, blue and silver. A limited edition green is also available in honor of the year's first major.

While it may be cool to have a red club, it’s even cooler to shoot red numbers – and your scorecard is where you’ll really be thankful for the time and technology Cobra put into the Amp Cell driver. While the fresh colors are the first thing that catch the eye, they are outdone by the adjustability and subsequent improvement in your drive’s distance and accuracy. The MyFly technology allows the driver to be adjusted between six settings, from 8.5 to 11.5 degrees, with two draw settings. This allows players to choose between extra loft and extra distance, depending on the situation, with the draw settings perfect for the average amateur who struggles with the slice.

Amp Cell

Adjusting the driver head takes just seconds with a simple wrench, and the development of Cobra’s SmartPad technology – which is visible along the bottom of the clubhead – ensures that the face of the club will remain square at impact.

Another thing that really stands out with the Amp Cell driver is how hard it is to miss off the tee. Sure everyone has mishits, but Cobra has redistributed the weight in the 460 cc head to enable a 12 percent larger elliptical face with an enhanced 'sweet zone' to produce faster ball speeds and enhanced forgiveness. Therefore your misses may still be there, but hopefully will no longer ruin your day.

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