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SwingFix analysis: Making a good backswing pivot

Ed Oldham Swing Analysis
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Nothing can make for a longer, more frustrating day on the golf course then missing shots both right and left.

Unfortunately, however, that’s a fate that many average and higher-handicap players face most of the time when they tee it up.

Brian is fighting two-way misses on the course and as SwingFix instructor Ed Oldham shows him in this swing analysis that it’s because he’s sliding and lifting in his backswing as opposed to making a good body pivot.

This is a common problem for many golfers because a slide off of the ball feels like a powerful move, but it’s one that create issues on the downswing and into impact.

So watch this video and you might just pick up a few pointers about how you can improve your pivot and in turn improve your overall ball-striking.

And if you’d like to have Ed Oldham personally analyze your swing, click here.