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Els unveils new shield for International Presidents Cup team

The International Presidents Cup team's shield logo
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In addition to naming Geoff Ogilvy as his first assistant, International Presidents Cup captain Ernie Els on Sunday unveiled a new logo for his team to unite behind during next year's matches in Australia.

"It's a special group of guys who make this Presidents Cup from all over the world," Els says in the video above. "And being from all over the world, you don't quite play for the same flag. ... A special group of people need something to identify themselves with.

"I've had some friends in special forces and really based my logo on for the International team on those kind of special-ops teams.

"So to lift the spirit, bond the team together, we felt we needed a logo for ourselves. We play for our individual flags, but what really bonds us together will be a special logo, something that we know what it's all about."

The black and gold shield figures to replace the Internationals' previously used blue flag with five gold stars, which were meant to symbolize the five continents International team members would represent, excluding Europe and Antarctica.

The golf bags for the 2017 International Presidents Cup team
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The shield will also contain within it each player's home flag, as seen here on Els' lapel in the image below.

Ernie Els sports the International Presidents Cup team's new logo
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