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Favorite things from the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The PGA Merchandise Show never fails to showcase some awesome, must-have products for both on and off the golf course. Here are some of our favorite things from this year’s event:

Medterra CBD

The CBD trend is still rolling, and as more tour players continue to endorse brands they say help their body and game, some weekend golfers are wanting to get in on the action. Whether your back, elbow or mental game is ailing, Medterra CBD has all kinds of products to help. From tinctures that go under your tongue to cream to rub on your body, there’s something for every golfer.

“It’s actually making a difference in people’s lives,” said marketing manager Patrick Koenig. “People are using it and they’re feeling good, so they’re able to play more golf.”

And in case you were wondering, “It absolutely doesn’t get you high. It contains no THC.”

Medterra CBD products are available now on their website.

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Beverages – we all love them. Whether you mix up your best transfusion on the course, or you’re just staying hydrated with some ice-cold water, Corkcicle tumblers, bottles and more are great products to keep your beverages chilled throughout your round.

“We make products that can fit in a golf bag, a golf cart, and it’s hydration that you can take with you anywhere at any time and look cool doing it,” said Doug Smith, vice president of sports and business development.

Various Corkcicle products are available now on their website and in select retailers.


Malbon Golf

One of the main themes we noticed at the PGA Merchandise Show in recent years has been the modernization of clothing, accessories, etc., in the golf industry, and Malbon Golf is onto something. Founder Stephen Malbon and his wife, Erica, started the company to create more fashionable and functional clothes, and have since opened a golf club and created a brand for themselves which includes some pretty sweet apparel that sports cool logos.

“Our clothing can be worn on and off the course, and we have everything from quarter-zips and polos to socks and rain gear. We wanted to create something you would be comfortable watching golf on the weekend in and going out on the course and playing golf in,” said Malbon.

Malbon Golf clothes and accessories are available on their website now.

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Foray Golf

Along the same line of clothing modernization, but on the women’s side, Foray Golf is doing everything right. Founder Megan LaMothe started the company for her daughter, Ray (For + Rae), and the company has been booming since Day 1. With clothes you can wear just about anywhere, in awesome prints, every lady golfer needs some Foray in their life.

“When I started getting into golf, there wasn’t anything out there for me to wear. There was nothing cute and nothing that worked. Now, I finally feel like I can express myself in an authentic way. Everything that we have you can wear out to dinner and wear to play golf, and everything is easy care, that was the goal,” founder Megan LaMothe said.

Foray Golf clothes and accessories are available on their website now.

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Royal Albartross

No good golf outfit is complete without a good-looking shoe. Everyone knows that. These British-designed and Italian-handmade leather golf shoes are perfect to complete any classy golf outfit.

“We have a great variation of shoes that are perfect for transitioning from the golf course to the city. We wanted to create shoes for everyday wear, that you can go straight from the course to the clubhouse in,” said Amy Hancock, head of content for Royal Albartross.

Royal Albartross shoes are available on their website now.

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LEUS Towels

If Santa left you a new golf bag under the Christmas tree, then a LEUS golf towel is a must-have to complete your bag's aesthetic. And for you environmentalists out there, their towels are partially made with recycled plastic bottles. With some awesome designs dropping in the next few months, these towels are sure to catch your competitor’s eye on the golf course.

“We’re all about the weekend golfer and having fun. We wanted to make a product that represents that. All of our towels have fun colors, rad graphics, and we wanted you to be able to represent your personality on your bag and on the green,” said product director Keith Asher.

LEUS Towels are available on their website now, and they also offer towels for other areas of your life, like workout and yoga towels.

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Birds of Condor

Headwear is essential to accentuate your on-course swag, and Birds of Condor caught our eye with their simple, yet fashion-forward hats. Sporting collections with musicians, artists and classic designs, these hats are a great accessory to modernize your golf game.

“We are just golfers, surfers and musicians, and we were tired of what was going on on the fashion side of golf. So, we made a couple of cool hats, and we ran with it. Our motto is ‘choose golf,’ and we make young modern golf threads,” said founder Frankie Kimpton.

Birds of Condor hats and other accessories are available now on their website.

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Palm Golf Co.

This modern golf company has all kinds of golf accessories and clothes, but what really caught our eye were its gloves. The gloves sport a classic off-white color on the hand, but designs between the fingers and around the wrist to give you a little added pop of color to your outfit.

Palm Golf Co.'s accessories are available now on their website. 

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Goodr Sunglasses

What’s better than a pair of good-looking and affordable sunglasses? How about the added technology that doesn’t let them slide off or bounce on your face during your golf swing? Goodr has it figured out, and with some awesome styles for both men and women (they’re all polarized, too!) starting at just $25, you could get a pair to match every outfit for the course.

“We’re a fun brand. We think golf is fun, and we think your sunglasses should be fun too. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a really good sunglass,” said Alli Watt, head of sales for Goodr.

Many different designs and colors of Goodr sunglasses are available now on their website.

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Bobby Golf

Bobby Golf stood out with their high-quality, handmade headcovers. With many different designs to choose from, and the option to customize your own for personal enjoyment or a company venture, they are sure to make your golf bag stand out while protecting your clubs.

Bobby Golf is brand new and still working on their website and uploading product, but some of their products are available online.

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