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FootJoy goes modern with M Project shoes

FootJoy M:Project shoes
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The new M Project shoes do not look like anything FootJoy has made before, with their down-low profile, their minimalist construction and their funky, modern look. And they have been engineered differently than past models as well, so the shoe gives players a better sense of the ground beneath them – and a better sense of their movement of the lower half of their body throughout the swing.

“M Project is designed for the golfer to increase his movement and sense things underfoot he could not before,” said Dr. Greg Rose, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute and a collaborator in the development of these shoes. “With each step you take, you start creating more mobility, which teaches you how to create more power in your golf swing.”

As company technicians see it, M Project gives golfers a new option in the footwear category – lightweight, ultra-flexible, minimally constructed shoes designed to deliver maximum feel and real-time feedback. The line, which was also born from extensive testing at the company’s state-of-the-art Shoe Box facility in Brockton, Mass., features 10 style options, five cleated and five spikeless. And all come with a two-year, waterproof warranty.

The cleated versions feature uppers of M Spec leather, which is made by Pittards to provide a supple and comfortable feel. The MP 627 Last offers a generous forefoot shape, so toes can spread and grip, as well as a ProTect toe guard for abrasion resistance in that high-wear area. It also offers an L.T.D. Outsole with laser-thin Duramax that acts as a low-profile, highly-flexible conduit from the ground to the feet. Additional attributes include a P.I.N.S. system with thinner spec receptacles and low-profile “stealth” cleats made by Softspikes.

As for the spikeless M Projects, three of those options boast high-performance mesh uppers that are designed to be as lightweight and breathable as they are comfortable.

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