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Four slow-play penalties already assessed at NCAA Championship

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – This week at 7,550-yard Blessings Golf Club, the time par for the NCAA Championship is 5 hours, 5 minutes. That’s the highest mark ever.

However, four players were penalized in the first 36 holes because of slow play.

LSU’s Nathan Jeansonne and South Carolina’s Ryan Hall each received three-shot penalties for missing three of the four checkpoints in Friday’s opening round. Texas A&M’s Dan Erickson, also in that group, wasn’t penalized.

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“There were multiple times where the two of them (Jeansonne and Stachler) had times over 45 seconds,” said NCAA committee chair Brad Hurlbut.

Two more players – Stanford’s David Snyder and Cal’s Kaiwen Liu – were docked a shot each in Saturday’s second round. The third player, Auburn’s Brandon Mancheno, was not.

Both Jeansonne (85) and Snyder (81-77) have since been subbed out, Jeansonne giving way to Garrett Barber and Snyder to Nate Menon.

The committee did note that the first few groups out in Sunday’s third round were considerably quicker. Some groups were as much as seven minutes under time.