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Stay loose, remain focused during a weather delay

Farmers Fog 304
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Usually on the PGA Tour, especially during the summer months, weather delays are created by lightning.

But at the Farmers Insurance Open this week, fog has been the culprit, as pretty much the entire day was wiped out on Saturday, except for about 10 minutes of golf.

And while weather delays are no fun for the fans, they can be even more frustrating for the players, many of whom were stuck at the Torrey Pines all day Saturday just waiting to see if they would get out or not.

What can you do to stay sharp and what should you not do when dealing with a weather delay?

And when the sun comes back out, how should you adjust to the different conditions?

Here are some tips from SwingFix instructor Christian Czaja:

'It's a good time to hydrate and have a small snack. If it looks like a short delay, I would do some stretching in the locker room. It's a great time to regroup if the round is not going well and try to stay loose. If it looks like a long delay, I would look for a comfortable chair or couch to relax on in the clubhouse. Talking to other players is a good idea. Try and relax as much as possible when it's a long delay.

'Things not to do: Eat a big meal. Although it is tempting at some events to feast on a big meal in the clubhouse, I would definitely avoid that. It's hard to play after a big meal. Making too many cell phone calls also can be a big distraction. Only make a call if it's important.

'As far as adjusting to a potentially different course conditions that might have come with the weather, I would think through each hole that remained in the round and adjust club selection for tee shots. Maybe plan on playing the par 5s as three-shot holes. Adjusting to the conditions is a must. You must be able to adapt.”

Take an online video lesson with Christian Czaja.

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