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Stenson: Euro Tour boss Pelley sent 'similar' memo to members

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Jay Monahan isn’t the only tour commissioner that issued a warning about the potential alternative tour.

European Tour CEO Keith Pelley sent a similar message earlier this week, according to a report Thursday by The Scotsman.

Henrik Stenson confirmed to The Scotsman the receipt of the email, saying the messaging was “very similar to the email that Jay sent out.”

“Without going into details,” Stenson said, according to the report, “you could kind of sense or feel that the two might have talked to each other.”

Stenson is a full-time member of both the PGA and European tours. When asked about the tone of the email, Stenson replied: “Probably more towards stamping down than not.”

Monahan to players on PGL: Us or them

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan wrote in a detailed letter that if another tour came to fruition, players would have a choice to make.

In his memo to PGA Tour players earlier this week, Monahan said that the proposed alternative tour directly conflicted with the Tour’s objectives and that a member would not be allowed to join both circuits.

The Premier Golf League is proposing 18 tournaments for the top 48 players in the world, with significant purses and a season-long team component. The tour is targeting a 2022 or '23 launch date.

“I obviously know what everybody else has seen and read,” Stenson said, according to the report, “and it seems to be both exciting and turbulent a little bit at the moment.”