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Thomas warns others after melanoma scare during dermatologist visit

Justin Thomas

Living the life as a PGA Tour player is what most golf fans dream of, and generally it's all fun and games (and usually a little money here and there). But that's not always the case, as Justin Thomas recently found out.

In a recent trip to the dermatologist, Thomas ran into a scare where a mole on his left leg was discovered to be in the early stages of melanoma. Lucky for him, it was found early enough to likely prevent any issues moving forward.

After resolving the scare, Thomas took to social media to address the situation, and give warning to those who spend a lot of time out in the sun.

"No harm can come from [getting checked] and it's the best way to catch anything before it becomes a serious issue," Thomas said.

As the heat of summer begins to wind down, it might be time to put the sticks down and head to the doctor. Better safe than sorry.