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L.A. County Sheriff: Tiger Woods not expected to face charges

Tiger Woods' 2021 crash site
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Tiger Woods is not expected to face any charges in relation to his single-car rollover accident Tuesday, Los Angeles County  Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

Villanueva provided an update on Wednesday from his office, stating, “We don’t contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash. This remains an accident. Accident is not a crime. They do happen, unfortunately.”

LA Sheriff: Tiger's crash, 'purely an accident'

LA Sheriff: Tiger's crash, 'purely an accident'

Villanueva reiterated that there was no reason to expect alcohol or drugs played a factor in the crash and that no blood samples were drawn by investigators. If the hospital where Woods is being treated does a toxicology report, Villanueva said his department would need a search warrant in order to access it.

A search warrant would also be needed to access Woods’ phone records, the sheriff added, if investigators wanted to see if Woods might have been distracted by phone use. The initial officer on site, Sheriff's deputy Carlos Gonzalez, is filing the traffic report, according to Villanueva, and “has all the information he needs from Mr. Woods.”

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The sheriff added that they have yet to determine if the 2021 Genesis SUV was equipped with a black box which might indicate the rate of speed at which Woods was travelling at the time of the crash. He also stated that there have been 13 accidents, including four injuries over the last 14 months along the stretch of road where Woods' incident occurred.