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Manufacturer on anchor ban: 'Golf lost today'

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FORT WORTH, Texas – On the morning the USGA and R&A announced that Rule 14-1b will ban anchored putting beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, dissenting views have come forth from prominent members of the manufacturing industry.

Echoing a sentiment he’s been providing since the proposal process began, Ping chairman and CEO John Solheim spoke out against the ban.

“I appreciate this was an open process,” Solheim said.  “I also recognize the importance of a single rule book. However, I believe the rulemaking bodies need to better address how we need to make the game more welcoming. I will continue to focus my efforts on that goal.”

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Bob Philion, the president of Cobra Puma Golf, expressed similar concern.

'Golf lost today,” he said. “This is not the direction we should be going; it will only continue to alienate people from golf. Cobra Puma Golf has been stressing the importance of game enjoyment since we formed in 2010; game enjoyment is how we are going to bring people back to golf. This decision is a giant leap back on that front. With this decision, bifurcation needs to be front and center in golf's conversations and we should be focusing on adapting the rules and the game to be inclusive and fun.'