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SwingFix analysis: Why you're coming over the top

Jim Williams Swing Analysis
Getty Images

When it comes to the average golfer, an over-the-top swing is just about the most common fault you’ll ever see.

And when it comes to being over the top, solid contact is hard to achieve because the club is generally cutting across the ball from outside to inside, which more often than not leads to a glancing blow.

Vishal is having some trouble driving the ball with power and accuracy, and as SwingFix instructor Jim Williams shows him in this swing analysis, it’s because he’s over the top.

More specifically, Vishal is spinning out with his lower body and that is getting the club working into the ball too steeply and from outside or over the swing plane.

If you tend to have problems coming over the top in your golf swing, watch this analysis and you might just gain some insight into the mistakes you’re making and be able to make some much-needed adjustments.

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