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Players first round on schedule amid coronavirus concerns

Getty Images

Due to growing concerns over the spreading coronavirus, the NBA season has been put on hold, President Donald Trump has placed U.S. travel restrictions from Europe, some sporting events will be contested without fans and many other events have been canceled. But as of midnight Thursday, the first round of The Players will continue as scheduled.

The PGA Tour released a statement just after midnight Thursday saying, in part, “The PGA Tour is aware of rapidly changing developments regarding COVID-19. With the information currently available, The Players Championship will continue as scheduled.”

The Tour plans to give another update before noon on Thursday, but “in the meantime, players in the field have been notified to be prepared to play Round 1, as scheduled.”

The first tee time is set for 7:40 a.m. ET, and fans who no longer wish to attend due to coronavirus concerns can request a refund.