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Top, slice, shank: The fourth-hole adventures of Bryson and Westy

Bryson DeChambeau, Lee Westwood
Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau and Lee Westwood played the fourth hole at TPC Sawgrass as part of Sunday’s final pairing at The Players Championship. Judging by their play, though, one would’ve thought they were 18-handicappers playing a $20 Nassau down the street at the local muni.

DeChambeau was just one shot off of Westwood’s lead when he cold-topped his tee shot with fairway wood. Despite reaching 152 mph ball speed, the shot traveled just 143 yards and failed to clear the hazard.

Westwood immediately followed by slicing his driver into the water.

The bizarreness, however, didn’t stop there. DeChambeau dropped on the forward tee and then shanked an iron shot way right and into the trees. “What is happening?!” he bemoaned, as his ball settled into the pine straw about 66 yards from the hole. Blocked out, DeChambeau could only advance his fourth shot about 20 yards before finally hitting a nice pitch to 7 feet and somehow saving double bogey.

Westwood got to drop closer to the hole, put his third shot on the back fringe and ended up recording bogey, his second of the round at that point.