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Solheim Cup teams paying tribute to Jane Park's ill daughter on birthday

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TOLDEO, Ohio – U.S. and European team members were sporting the words “Happy Birthday” on their hats on Day 2 of the Solheim Cup.

The tribute was for LPGA player Jane Park’s and husband Pete Godfrey's daughter, Grace, who turned 1 on Sunday. Grace Godfrey was suddenly stricken ill on July 1 and rushed to the hospital with seizures and brain swelling.

Jane Park has provided updates through a blog post and on social media and, tragically, Grace has not recovered.

Jane revealed on Instagram on Saturday, that Grace returned home on Sept. 3, but that the family’s life has been forever changed over the last two months:

“On the eve of her first birthday, I’m filled with immense sadness and grief. Instead of feeling celebratory, I’m preparing her medicines for the day, crushing pills and mixing with water, cleaning syringes, flushing a g tube with water, replacing her feeding bag, doing hours of physical therapy, constantly watching if she throws up her medication all while trying not to cry. I usually save the tears for the evening after she goes to sleep.

“The weight of the day finally unloads onto me and I collapse in a corner of the house so I can muffle my cries. A mom is supposed to be the strong one right? I can only hold it together during the day when she needs me most and when she’s getting her rest at night is when I fall apart.

“I still can’t talk to her without breaking into tears. I know I will have to tell her happy birthday tomorrow and I don’t know how I will muster up the words to tell her. Wherever you are, please think of Grace and wish her happy birthday in your mind and heart and maybe I will be able to sing her a birthday song tomorrow.”

A GoFundMe account was set up by fellow LPGA player and friend Tiffany Joh.