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Watch: Club championship in South Africa ends with savage fight

Getty Images

Golf may be a gentleman’s game, but that doesn’t mean tempers don’t flare up from time to time - remember these two bozos who got into a fist fight on a Colorado golf course a couple years ago?

Well now they’ve got some company in their infamous club.

Two guys who competed in the club championship at Lake Club Benoni in South Africa over the weekend couldn't leave their emotions out on the course, instead bringing them into the clubhouse where a real brouhaha broke out.

In the video, you can hear a guy at the bar yelling at Mike, “You’re a thief, man. You’re a cheat!”

Mike, who apparently doesn't take kindly to his ethics being questioned, responded by shoving the man through window and landing several punches to his face. (Warning: Video contains some NSFW language)

The golf club where the fight broke out posted a statement on Facebook Monday apologizing for the "unfortunate situation."