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Watch: Masters champion Craig Stadler aces 169-yard hole with a driver in charity event

Getty Images

Craig Stadler, the 1982 Masters champion, aced a 169-yard hole with a driver at a Maui Jim charity event to benefit the Children's Home of Peoria, Illinois. 

A punch-driver was the perfect club for the 68-year-old, as his tee shot landed a few feet beyond the cup on the green and rolled back on a perfect line for a hole-in-one. 

Quarry Oaks Golf Club in Ashland, Nebraska, tweeted for confirmation that the ace was real, since the video clip cuts to the green after Stadler's drive and the shot isn't shown in its full sequence. 

But Dan Boever of Dan Boever Golf Entertainment, who's running the event, confirmed that the video wasn't fabricated and the ace 100% happened. An ace at the charity event results in a prize of $1 million, but with Stadler being a professional golfer, he was exempt from receiving the extra cash.