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Watch: Wallace falls for Pepperell's never-ending prank


Professional golf is no stranger to a good old fashion prank, but it's rare that the joke has much staying power.

Enter Eddie Pepperell.

Pepperell recently teamed up with the brilliant social media minds over at the European Tour to run Matt Wallace through a day-long torture chamber, and the result was nothing short of spectacular.

Thinking he was embarking on a media circuit as defending champion of the BMW International Open, Wallace endures everything from an annoyingly hilarious driver to thinking he had scratched a multi-million dollar car, much to the delight of Pepperell (and the rest of us) watching the cringeworthy scenes unfold on camera.

"To know from Eddie that he set it up and wanted me specifically." Wallace said after realizing everyone but him was in on the joke. "There's revenge. There's revenge involved somewhere down the line."

Hopefully he's right and there is revenge. And hopefully the cameras are once again rolling when it happens.