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Where is Lyida Ko's silver medal from 2016 Olympics?

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KAWAGOE, Japan – When Lydia Ko was traveling home from the 2016 Olympics she was stopped as she went through airport security. The X-ray machine had detected the outline of her silver medal, which was in her carry-on baggage.

“Yeah, that's the silver medal,” she said at the time.

Best. Humble. Brag. Ever.

The thing is, Ko doesn’t brag.

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“Maybe a little douchey,” she admitted on Tuesday at Kasumigaseki Country Club. “I'm normally not the type to say, Hey, like, this is what I got, but the Olympics is so special.”

Ko said winning the silver medal in Rio was among the highlights of her career. Just don’t ask her where the medal is now.

“I honestly think it's in my dad's wardrobe. I think he's seen it more than me. It's been a while since I've seen it,” she said. “The great thing about being here at the Olympics is no matter if you end up standing on the podium at the end of Saturday or not, just being here and to be able to represent your country and to say that you're an Olympian, that's a win itself.”