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Will James Hahn get 10% of Viktor Hovland's earnings from his Mayakoba win?

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A caddie traditionally gets 10% of his player’s earnings when a victory is achieved. But Shay Knight might not be the only person getting some of Viktor Hovland’s spoils from winning the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba.

Though, it won’t be 10%.

It was mentioned by an on-course reporter during Sunday’s telecast that Hovland told Knight while coming up the 18th fairway, that’s 10% for you and 10% for James.

James Hahn came to Hovland’s rescue on Thursday when, after Danny Lee destroyed Hovland’s driver shaft on the range ahead of Round 1, Hahn loaned Hovland his backup. The model, a Ping G425, was similar to Hovland’s, just a slightly shorter shaft.

Full-field scores from the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba

Hovland used the driver for four rounds and finished the event T-2 in driving accuracy. He also finished with a tournament-record, 23-under-par total and a four-shot triumph. It was a repeat victory for Hovland at Mayakoba, the second consecutive year he’s claimed the $1.296 million first-place prize.

Knight will get his cut. As for Hahn?

“That was a joke, for sure,” Hovland said with a laugh, regarding Hahn’s 10%.

“No, he was really nice to borrow me his back-up, so I definitely owe him one. We can negotiate something going forward.”

Hovland reacts to defending his title at Mayakoba

Hovland reacts to defending his title at Mayakoba

As for the driver, Hovland plans on keeping it and employing it when necessary.

“I think it's very course dependent. I'm definitely hitting it a little bit lower and a little shorter, so it's great for really fast places where you don't have to cover things,” he explained. “But I'd say most of the courses we play on the PGA Tour, there's usually a bunker at 300 or 310 [yards] where you really have to send one up in the air and try to cover the bunker. That's where that driver's not going to be as ideal as the one that I had before.

“I've had my best year off the tee: strokes gained with the one that I had before it broke, so I don't really see a point in changing that driver, but I could see myself using maybe this setup at certain courses, for sure.”