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Woman drives car onto course during U.S. Open qualifier

United States Golf Association
Getty Images

Participants in the U.S. Open local qualifier Thursday at the Country Club at Emerald Hills likely expected to face the usual litany of hazards: namely water, rough and bunkers. They probably didn't expect to have to carve an approach shot around a moving vehicle.

As Deadspin reports, one player managed to take a video of a woman, presumably lost, driving her car down the cart path of the 11th hole, ultimately winding up in a waste bunker. According to pictures of the Hollywood, Fla. course, that particular hole doesn't exactly border a surface street, so the driver in question may have been cruising down the cart path for quite some time before finding the sand.

Despite the unexpected drive-through, the qualifier went on as scheduled. Five players shot 71 or better to advance to the sectional stage, including Manuel Villegas, brother of Camilo who medaled with a 68, and PGA Tour veteran Marc Turnesa, who carded a 69.