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Breed's Blog: Recording your golf swing correctly

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If you want to get accurate feedback about what’s going on in your golf swing, it’s important that you video your swing properly. There are two angles that you should capture video of your swing from, Down the Line (DTL) and Face On (sometimes also called Side 90). The Face-On angle is when you place the camera perpendicular to your chest when you address the ball and Down the Line is the camera angle shooting from behind and down the target line when you address the ball. Here are a few more tips for shooting from each of those angles:


• The bottom of the camera view needs to show the ball and the clubface.

• The camera should be exactly perpendicular to your chest.

• The camera should be placed at belt high.

• Allow enough room in your camera view to show your club path throughout your whole swing.


• The camera should be placed behind you on your toe line.

• The camera should be placed at belt high.

• If you’re recording your swing with a phone, record it horizontally and not vertically.

One problem that many higher handicappers have is that they get steep on their downswing and end up cutting across the ball from out to in. In this video segment, Michael shows you what might be causing your steep angle of attack and he has a great drill to help you shallow out your downswing.

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More video from Michael:

A key to solid ball-striking is having stability in your lower body throughout your swing, and Michael has a great tip to help you keep your lower body quiet, especially your knees and feet. Watch Video

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