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Brooks Koepka explains: Ryder Cup week 'different,' not a bad experience

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SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Brooks Koepka is no stranger to making headlines and he doesn’t seem to mind the attention, but on Thursday at the Ryder Cup he did make a key distinction regarding a recent report.

In a wide-ranging interview with Golf Digest, Koepka was asked about the Ryder Cup experience and he questioned much of the extracurricular activities that go into an already hectic week.

It’s a take that’s been shared by other players but it did draw criticism on the eve of the matches, including from NBC analyst Paul Azinger, who questioned Koepka’s passion for the matches.

Koepka: Media spun my comments in a 'negative' way

Koepka: Media spun my comments in a 'negative' way

“I never said it was a negative [experience]. [The media] spun it that way. I said it was different,” Koepka said. “I've never played any of these team events. I didn't play Walker Cup. Never played Junior Ryder Cup. Never played anything. I just said it's different. That doesn't mean it's bad. … I enjoy it. Like I said, I wouldn't be nervous on that first tee if I didn't care.”

Koepka’s comment in the Golf Digest interview was, “It’s a bit odd, if I’m honest. I don’t want to say it’s a bad week. We’re just so individualized, and everybody has their routine and a different way of doing things, and now, it’s like, OK, we have to have a meeting at this time or go do this or go do that. It’s the opposite of what happens during a major week.”

Many of those extracurricular activities have been dialed back this week at Whistling Straits, in large part because of COVID-19 and the need for a strict bubble around both teams.

“It's definitely a lot easier. I think pretty much everybody has kind of noticed that and it's been great,” Koepka said. “I think it's definitely a lot better this year.”