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Weekly Fix: Athletic setup and downswing sequence

Tim Cooke Weekly Fix 1
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Hi, I’m Tim Cooke, and welcome to the first edition of Weekly Fix, where each week we'll break down one of our user's swings in an effort to help all of our readers play better golf!

This week, we’re going to take a look at Andrew’s swing, and I chose his swing because he does so many great things in his setup that everyone can learn from but also because he has a swing fault that’s common to many golfers.

What I like most about Andrew’s setup is how athletic he is and how the balance he establishes at address is so easily maintained throughout his golf swing.

Andrew’s biggest problem, however, like so many golfers, is that he tends to get a little bit steep on his downswing, which is addressed in greater detail in the video and most directly related to a sequencing issue.

Enjoy this video, as there is a lot to be gleaned for players of all ability levels, and in summary, I would suggest that everyone take the following tips away from this week’s analysis:

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• Having a balanced, athletic setup will help you maintain balance throughout your swing, and that’s a good recipe for solid ball-striking.

• No matter what club you’re hitting, positioning your hands at the inside of your front thigh is a good position to be in. Leave your hands in that spot and adjust your ball position based on the club you’re hitting.

• When it comes to properly sequencing your downswing, ideally it is the lower body that starts the process, which will allow you to flatten the shaft and approach the ball from the inside.

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending those videos to us at and we’ll be back with a new edition next Tuesday here at

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