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Jet lag is real: U.S. team needs another day to recover

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MELBOURNE, Australia – The Americans hadn’t been in Australia for 24 hours before a dreary-looking Tiger Woods met with the media Tuesday at Royal Melbourne and said he thinks his team needs at least another 24 hours before the jet lag will wear off.

“We’re still feeling it,” the U.S. Presidents Cup captain said. “I mean, I know I am.

“We’ll hit the wall sometime this afternoon and got to push through it and get through the gala dinner tonight. I think by tomorrow afternoon, we should all start feeling pretty good.”

Tiger: Team first when it comes to 'playing' role

Tiger Woods’ entire philosophy this week at the Presidents Cup is summed up in two words: team first.

The U.S. team charter plane took 26 hours to arrive from the Bahamas and they were not able to get to Royal Melbourne at all on Monday, something that Woods said was a blessing in disguise.

“This is the wind we’re going to see the rest of the week, so the guys can start prepping exactly what we are going to have to face,” he said.

“Today is an important day for us just to walk and to stretch our legs a bit. Getting in yesterday after a 26-hour ride in a luxurious tin can, it’s nice to actually get out there and feel some fresh air.”