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Is Bryson DeChambeau really considering using a 48-inch driver?

Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau isn't the only one getting longer. His driver may also be adding length.

DeChambeau, who has made headlines for his recent gains in the gym and ball speed, said Monday on his Twitch stream that he's considered putting a 48-inch driver in play.

"I’d definitely use a 48-inch driver if I could control it," DeChambeau said. “I’d generate so much more speed, but it’d need to be light enough, though. We’re going to mess with that. Trust me, if the USGA allows me to go to 48 inches with the driver — and I hit it just as straight as my 45.5-inch driver — why not? Why not?"

The USGA prohibits golf shafts from exceeding 48 inches, so DeChambeau's added shaft length would conform, unlike a couple of DeChambeau's past ideas, the side-saddle putter and compass.

After recently hitting 203 mph ball speed and reaching 239 pounds on the scale (he also said Monday that 270 pounds is possible), it appears DeChambeau still isn't satisfied in his chase for distance.