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Weekly Fix: Speed first and then accuracy for juniors

Weekly Fix Aidan
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Welcome back to Weekly Fix! I’m Tim Cooke and we’re continuing to take a look at your swings here on

This week, we’re going to do something a little bit different and take a look at a swing submitted by 7-year-old Aidan.

Working with juniors is one of my favorite things to do and we’re going to try to help Aidan stop hitting too many shots out to the right.

But there are things that everyone can learn about the golf swing in our analysis this week, and I’ll also have some advice for all of you parents out there with aspiring young golfers at home.

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As a quick summary, the tips I would suggest that everyone take away from this week’s analysis would include the following:

• With junior golfers, let them swing as hard as they can to create speed early in their development. Starting with speed and then learning to develop accuracy is a great approach with young players.

• Making a proper turn will require you to rotate your torso and hips during your backswing, a necessity to maintain posture. A great swing thought is to feel as if your belt buckle is pointed behind the ball when you’ve completed your backswing.

• Finishing your swing in balance is a key to success. When you practice, swing with as much speed as you can create while still being able to maintain a balanced finish until your shot hits the ground.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending us those videos at, and we’ll be back with a brand new edition next week right here at

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