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The Social: The proper way to miss a cut in Las Vegas, by Brooks and Max

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Brooks Koepka and his girlfriend (and their clothes) tear up the Las Vegas strip, Max Homa destroys a Twitter troll and then his liver, and Tiger Woods earns the honor of a lifetime.

All that and plenty more in this edition of The Social.


There are worse places to miss a cut than Las Vegas. Just ask Brooks Koepka.

After failing to advance to the weekend at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, Koepka took the news hard and spent the rest of his time in the desert grinding over his game hit the town with girlfriend Jena Sims.

Donning a shocking amount of clothes (for them), the PGA Tour power couple tore up the Sin City strip with friends, grabbing dinner and drinks before dancing the night away and posting the whole thing to Instagram, of course.


Sometimes you got to blow off a little steam when you're not playing golf. What else is the guy supposed to do? Practice? 


Koepka wasn’t the only guy who had himself a weekend after missing the Shriners cut.

But while Koepka went silently into the night, Max Homa crushed a Twitter troll on the way out. 

Homa, who has long been one of Golf Twitter’s best follows, went straight scoreboard on one poor jabroni, much to the delight of his peers in his mentions.

After being criticized for screwing up @daddyspill's fantasy golf lineup, Homa shot back with this beauty, asking him where he was on the course, and if he'd be joining him in the Masters field in April. Ouch.

Riding a high one can only get from winning a social media spat, Homa proceeded to tweet about the rest of his trip, which included lots of drinks (it is very important to stay hydrated in the desert) and multiple flight changes.

Homa, who hadn't hit a meaningful golf shot since Friday, finally made it on a flight home Sunday.

That's a lot of unplanned Vegas.


For a guy who said he let his clubs do the talking last week, Kevin Na made all sorts of statements that rocked social media.

Na ended the weekend on top, winning the Shriners Open for his third title in the last 15 months, and immediately made waves with a cryptic message referencing "false rumors" in Korean.

But it was his thoughts earlier in the week on another situation that eventually popped up on his caddie's hat that really caught Twitter's attention.

Na, who was born in South Korea, spoke out on Bio Kim's three-year suspension from the Korean Tour for flashing a middle finger toward the gallery during a recent event. Na called the punishment “ridiculous” and “extreme."

And just in case everyone wasn't quite sure how he felt about the situation, his caddie worked the first round at TPC Summerlin with a not-so subtle reminder on his hat:



On the bright side, this couple didn’t burn down a forest and cause $8 million dollars in damage. So they’ll always have that.


It’s safe to say Tiger Woods will never forget 2019.

Successful climb back to the top of the sport at the Masters ... receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom ... getting a Cardi B album named after him. Wait, what?

Cardi B took to Instagram Live last week to let her fans know she would be naming her next album "Tiger Woods," because "Remember when everybody was talking (expletive) on Tiger Woods, like ‘Oh blah blah, blah blah this, blah blah that,' and then he (expletive) came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album.”

Cardi B: 'I think will name my album Tiger Woods'

Cardi B: 'I think will name my album Tiger Woods'

You probably have so many questions, starting with, "Who is Cardi B?"

Can't help you with that one.


Tiger may not be a natural comedian, but he can play the part of one-line sidekick in the right circumstance, and there may be no one better at a set up than “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

Woods joined Fallon for a skit on Sunday, cracking jokes about New Jersey as they made their way around Liberty National Golf Course before digging for buried treasure in a sand trap and celebrating like maniacs.

Spoiler alert: The buried treasure was a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, which actually makes the joke extra funny.

What are the odds Tiger knows what a Bed Bath & Beyond is? Even better, how about a coupon?


The PGA Tour announced this week that they will be expanding coverage of The Players Championship this year to every shot by every player in every round. Live streaming of all 144 players in the field will be available to PGA Tour Live subscribers on NBC Sports Gold or Amazon's Prime Video channels.

It's great news for golf fans, who always seem to want more out of their coverage, and this is basically as much as you can get.

But as Steven Bowditch hilariously pointed out on Twitter, it's not-so great news for players who may not want every shot shown, like Bowditch himself a few years ago, when he dropped an 80-burger on Thursday en route to missing the cut.